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Year: 2022

In a city of dreams, how are the hopes and aspirations of a society intertwined with the built environment? What magnitude of the imagination fosters new development? Science fiction work can be the masterful union of fantasy and reality. A narrative of this union can excite you, question reality, and inspire change and creation. This excitement will lead my intellectual point of departure from my reality. Alternatively, the grounding nature of reality fosters the phenomenon of capitalism. The systematic nature of capitalism, to some extent, controls how and when we can build. The demand for housing and the rather spectacular failure of modernist housing complexes of the 20th century provides a complete image of why we developed constructs such as office buildings, suburbs, and highways. The product of demand has formulated an extreme standardization of parts corresponding to the broader built environment. Strict regulation and guidance of monetary greed have propelled us into a constant state of stagnation. My site selection will be grounded in an industrial setting for this studio. The concept of industrialization and geological and anthropological setting will be my governing phenomena, and from there, I grasp for a more imaginative science fiction influence.

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