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Location: Nepean, Ontario, Canada

area: 7.5 Ha 1300 Units

Year: 2020

During the housing studio, we wanted to explore the possibility of increasing the density of the site. Located west of the Fisher Ave. and Meadowlands Dr. Intersection, it offered just that, centrally located in an existing community. With redevelopment in mind, we wanted to emphasize an actual fifteen-minute neighbourhood. This concept was amplified by proximity to Merivale Ave., a car-dominated avenue poorly designed at the human scale. With this, we created a central high-density district, including two forty-story residential towers strictly ownership and a third twenty-story rental tower closest to the neighbouring intersection. Moving further west lies a mid-density community comprised of mid and high-rise residential rental units and a commercial district.

Further out, tapering the density to match existing demographic and urban scales with ownership of single families, townhomes, terrace homes, and community centers for the broader community. This approach offered the chance to explore multiple housing typologies while truthfully creating a pedestrian-focused epicenter in an otherwise quiet bed community. Beyond an increase in tenancy, the site south of Meadowlands Dr. falls within our mid-density district, including a large secondary commercial district crowned with multiple residential condo tower rentals. Together we have created a built environment tailored to young professionals, families, and retirees/empty nesters. Keeping this urban vision in mind, we created a place for a larger community rich in culture, age, and perspective to congregate, socialize, learn, and enjoy nature.

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