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Year: 2023

2223: Architecture and Climate Futures through the Lens of Science Fiction, is a project- based thesis that synthesizes two topics: climate futures through the visual narrative of science fiction.

It uses ArcGIS Pro mapping software to visualize climate futures at global and regional scales, in particular, 70 metres of sea level rise resultant from total disintegration of polar ice caps, and revolves around understanding the science fiction genre through a series of key authors and projects.

In conclusion, it creates its own work of twelve elaborate digital scenes developed in Cinema 4D, then visualized with Octane render engine, which demonstrates world- building through environmental storytelling. The first six images depict the broader world of my speculations, while the following six depict adaptations of urban settings spanning three sites: Norway, United States, and Panama. It aims to demonstrate how

technology and science can be a force for good in a dramatically changed world.

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